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26 June 2012 @ 02:36 am
Pixaaaar please!  

Name: Louisa
Age: 25
Previous Stamps:
Matched with Superman
Holiday Kiss - In the Snow
Disney Couple - Ariel and Eric
Disney Heroine - Ariel
Hallowe'en Couple - Jack and Sally
Kiss -Upside Down Kiss
Leading Man - Johnny Depp
Pet Name - Honey
Ideal Date - Movies

Describe your personality:I'm really a person of opposites. I can be hard-working but also very lazy. Hyper yet laid back. Silly, but very mature. I've been described as quite batty and a little standoffish. Most of the time I tend to be pretty free spirited. I love talking, I can never get enough conversation. 
I'm a bit loud and flaily and generally a dork. I am often very easily obsessed with something new and shiny, but when I do become so passionate about something I'm usually into it for life. I can be determined when it comes to some things, but on occasion I can be put off if I'm struggling and my self esteem has taken a blow. I am relatively forgiving[not as much as I used to be!] but I rarely forget if someone has crossed me.
Likes:Cake! films, video games, the sea, photography, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, dolls, Disney, clothes, traveling, cartoons.
Dislikes/Pet Peeves: Being late, twilight, onions, mushrooms, spiders, being alone too long, bullies.
Some positive traits: Intelligent, caring, loyal, determined, funny, free-spirited, generous.
Some negative traits: Sarcastic, cynical, reclusive, self conscious, lazy, easily angered.
Talents: Umm...? Baking probably. I have a pretty good memory for random information. I'm half decent at playing games.
Favorite Pixar movie and why? (Please don't try to tilt this for your vote): Absolutely Toy Story 2. It has video games, an epic journey across town, Jessie's emotional back story, Bullseye! DAT RESTORATION SCENE...Basically its just amazing. Zurg is hilarious as well.
How are you like in love?: I think I’ve been in love once. Unfortunately he didn’t feel the same and it became sort of twisted. But if I love someone [in any way, be it platonic or not!], I’m very devoted. I’m ridiculously loyal [often to my detriment] and tend to like to take care of people. I’m generous towards the people I love, I often buy silly presents. I like to think I’m attentive.
What type of heroine/hero do you think would be if someone or something you loved was in trouble? I wouldn't give up. I'd be terrified and probably second guessing myself, but I'd be determined.
Who is the DISNEY character you most easily relate to and why? (Ex: NOT any of the films mentioned.): I relate to one Pixar character very well but shhh! XD I'd have to go with Ariel from TLM. I think I just love her sense of adventure and her passion. I love how she expresses herself with and without her voice.

("X" whichever apply)
You're musical. ()
You are crafty. (x)
You are good at making people laugh .(x)
You are wise. (/)
You are street-smart. (/)
You are graceful/elegant. ()
You are a good leader.()
You don't fall under pressure. (x)
You are determined. (x)
You are elusive. (x)
You stand behind your beliefs no matter WHAT the consequence. (x)
You can be obsessive. (x)
You aren't conventional. (x)
You are easily misled. ()

You tend to usually get what you want. ()

You are scatter-brained. (x)
You are a dominant individual. ()
You have trouble with descion-making. (x)
When you want something, you let NOTHING stand in your way. (x)
You are blunt and brash. (x)
You often feel unappreciated. (x)
You are considered "cold-hearted" at times. (/)
You are conniving. (/)
You tend to over-eat. (/)
Others find you intimidating.(maybe?)
You are often attracted to the "dark side" of things.(x)
You'd betray your family/friends if it meant getting something you wanted.()
You'd do anything for love.(x)
You like to party.(/)
You love the outdoors.(x)
You are physically strong.(ish)

Post at least three pictures of yourself, or a detailed description:


VOTES: Voted on all unstamped :)
 Lauren: Amy Dr. Whocorleoned on June 26th, 2012 07:07 am (UTC)
LOL I feel this is SO typical considering you're a proper Scot and everything and not a watered down halfie like me, but I do see a ton of Merida from Brave for you, just based on personality alone. She's passionate, is attracted to the darker parts of things, won't let anything stand in the way of what she wants, but she can also be a little scatter-brained as well. She feels unappreciated for who she is throughout the film, she loves the outdoors, can be obsessive, crafty, elusive, determined, and she stands behind her beliefs no matter what. She actually reminds me a lot of Ariel from TLM with her Slytherinish ambition. I also saw Jessie from Toy Story 2, but I don't think she fits your negatives as well as Merida. XD

Some positive traits: Intelligent, caring, loyal, determined, funny, free-spirited, generous.
Some negative traits: Sarcastic, cynical, reclusive, self conscious, lazy, easily angered.

Those are all traits that completely fit Merida, as well as her love of cakes XDDDD

☾witches on June 28th, 2012 08:08 am (UTC)
hahah You are physically strong.(ish) then that picture of you with the rock underneath it just really amuses me.

I haven't see Brave and as this is based on personality, I wouldn't really feel comfortable voting for Merida. To be honest though, I'm seeing Jessie all over this. Your X-ed things at the end fit, your traits, how you describe yourself as being opposites etc... is just like her imo.
What type of heroine you'd be and disliking 'being left alone too long' but sometimes being reclusive is totes Jessie to me. btw who is the pixar chara you relate to? i must knowww

Edited at 2012-06-28 10:41 am (UTC)